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Object Storage from Zetta.IO is an affordable, flexible and scalable online storage solution.

Access your data from any internet-connected environment. Store and retrieve any amount of data at any time.

While most of the big cloud players in the world are U.S.-based, Zetta.IO is a Norwegian company with Norwegian owners, operating under strict Norwegian privacy laws.


Connection Profiles

Connect using the preconfigured connection profile:

  • Download the Zetta.IO Connection Profile or install it from Preferences… → Profiles for preconfigured settings.

Manual Configuration

  • Server: identity.api.zetta.io

  • Port: 443

  • Username: <Project Name>:<Project Domain>:<Username>

  • Password: <Password>

You will need the Openstack Swift (Keystone 3) profile if you want to use manual configuration with Cyberduck or Mountainduck. We recommend that you use the official profile instead.