Enter Cloud Suite Object Storage

Enter Cloud Suite Object Storage a Pay-Per-Use Storage provides IaaS public object storage that you can use to archive large amounts of data in a variety of formats in the cloud. You only pay for the space and time you use – starting at 0.075€ per Gb per month – and can even archive data for very short periods of time.


Connection Profile

  • Download the Enter Cloud Suite (Keystone) Profile or install it from Preferences… → Profiles for preconfigured settings.

Use the Tenant ID email and password to login. See API Access.

Enter Cloud Suite

Manual Configuration

Enter the following information in the bookmark:

  • Protocol: Swift (OpenStack Object Storage)

  • Server: api.entercloudsuite.com

  • Port: 443

  • Username: Enter Cloud Suite credentials email

  • Password: Enter Cloud Suite credentials password

  • Tenant: Tenant ID from the OpenStack RC File.