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SMB (Server Message Block) is used to access Windows File Shares or a Samba Linux Server.



  • Cyberduck 8.7.0 or later required

  • Mountain Duck 5.0.0 or later required

To connect to a SMB server, choose SMB (Server Message Block).

SMB Connection


Username and password must be provided for authentication using NTLM. The optional domain name defaults to WORKGROUP and can be customized as part of the username in the format REALM\username in the Username input field when adding a bookmark. Depending on the server setup this can be

  • COMPUTERNAME\username


Share Name

To connect to a specific share, you can configure a Path in the bookmark. When omitted an attempt is made to list all available shares from the server. On failure retrieving share names from the server, a prompt is displayed to enter the share name when connecting.

SMB Share Input


SMB protocol support has been tested with connections to the following server implementations

  • Windows 2016 Server (SMB_3_1_1 dialect)

  • Windows 2022 Server (SMB_3_1_1 dialect)

  • Linux Samba (SMB_3_1_1 dialect)

  • macOS 13.5 (22G74) (SMB_3_0_2 dialect)

Cyberduck CLI

You can list shares with Cyberduck CLI using

duck --list smb:/server/share/


  • Copying or moving files between shares is not supported