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Nextcloud Files is an on-premise, open-source file sync and share solution designed to be easy-to-use and highly secure.


Download Mountain Duck as an alternative to *Desktop Client” from Nextcloud & ownCloud.


Manual Configuration

Choose one of the protocols if you require a custom server path for your installation:

  • Protocol: WebDAV (HTTPS)

  • Default Path: /remote.php/webdav/

Connection Profiles

  • Protocol: Nextcloud

  • Protocol: ownCloud


The default path /remote.php/dav/files/<username> will be used with no custom setting in Path.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Connect to your NextCloud or OwnCloud instance in your web browser and log in.

  2. Click on the option Settings in the lower left of the screen and copy the displayed WebDAV address.

  3. Create a new bookmark: In Mountain Duck, click on the icon in the tray area or status bar and choose the option New Bookmark. In Cyberduck, click on Bookmark and choose the option New Bookmark.

  4. Paste the previously copied WebDAV address into the Server field and press tab. After that, the bookmark will be set to WebDAV (HTTPS) and split the WebDAV address into two parts – the server address and the path.

Nextcloud Bookmark Window

  1. Type your Username into the corresponding field and press Connect in the bookmark window if available or double click from the bookmark window.

  2. Upon connecting, enter your password when requested in the login prompt.


Make sure to use the actual username instead of the email address for login credential.

2-Factor Authentication

With 2-factor authentication enabled, you will need to create an app password instead of your regular login credentials. You should find it in Personal → App passwords.



A list of file versions can be viewed in the Versions tab of the Info window. Files can be reverted to a chosen version of this list.

Share & Request Files

Create public shares for people who are not Nextcloud/ownCloud users using File → Share… for download shares or File → Request files… for upload shares.

Known Limitations

0-Byte Files

If you are running an Apache configuration make sure to disable fastcgi and php-fpm. Refer to our best practice for Nextcloud and ownCloud installations.

Slow Listings for Large Folder Structures

In order to retain timestamps for uploaded files, we make use of custom WebDAV properties. In Nextcloud and ownCloud these properties are stored in a dedicated database table oc_properties. This table unfortunately does not define any index to speed up the lookup for these properties when doing a listing. The database always has to do a full scan to find the properties for the requested resources. For installations with a large number of files, this can highly impact the response times for file listing. To overcome this issue you can create the following index:

CREATE INDEX properties_path_index ON oc_properties(userid, propertypath)

Also, refer to the issue in GitHub.

Modification Date

The modification date retention is supported using X-OC-Mtime for new files uploaded but without the option to adjust the modification date later.